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BodyCONTOUR Inch Reduction

This advanced ‘intelligent’ Lipo Laser body contouring system uses (LLLT) cold laser, 635nm technology along with lymphatic stimulation to non-invasively reduce body fat resulting in inches lost. It is considered an intelligent laser because the LCD touch-screen interface allows us to modify laser parameters to suit your weight loss goals on specifically targeted areas. Some possible areas are abdomen, buttocks, cellulite on thighs, arms, shoulders and neck/throat. Each area is targeted separately.

How it Works: Specific light frequencies liquify the contents of the adipose tissue (fat cells) softening the cellular membrane, causing the contents to spontaneously leak naturally. This is the same process that happens when you exercise. Your movement cause heat to soften the fat cell, thereby spontaneously leaking the fat contents into the blood stream to be used as fuel by the body. The empty cell collapses like a collapsed balloon, causing instant inch loss. We recommend a low carb diet while on the program as it stops bloating. If you eat a food that causes you to bloat, it will appears as if you aren’t losing inches, but has nothing to do with our methods. Also, low carb eating automatically supports fat loss (not muscle loss) which blends perfectly with this approach and allows for best results. We follow up your sessions with mild lymphatic drainages on a vibrational platform to more the released fat quickly through your body to be eliminated naturally.

Thermal FaceLIFT

Imagine a way to lift and soften fine to medium lines on the face! Imagine looking years younger, with soft moist skin that looks dewy and youthful. The answer is non-invasive Thermal FaceLIFTing! A 10-session package can lift and tighten sagging jowls, smooth crow’s feet and that annoying ‘#11’ lines between the brows! Lifted cheeks and a toned, contoured face during a soothing comfortable and relaxing ‘facial therapy’ session—what more can you ask for!

How it works: Thermal heat is applied over a uniquely crafted moisturizing collagen infused gel to stimulate your body’s natural elasin and collagen production. Each specifically timed session builds another layer of collagen, lifting and re-contouring the face closer to its youthful likeness. After creating the right number of layers, results are maintained according to the body’s natural cellular lifespan. Want to meet the youthful-you again? Test-drive our Thermal FaceLIFTing program! Please be aware during this time you will be sun sensitive for 48 hours after your session, so plan on times when you won’t be at the beach tanning—or in a tanning booth!

Thermal AbLIFT & ButtLIFT

Yes, I really did say that! In public! *blushes. No really, it works! We have 2 methods we use here depending on your presentation. Ultrasonic frequencies tighten and tone the abs and buttocks, then ThermLIFT technology lifts sagging skin. A 10-session package is available and we work up to twice weekly for quick results. This is a lovely complementary procedure to the Lipo Laser Inch Reduction Service above for a completely tight and toned look! This procedures is also great for the arms, but Thermal ArmLIFT just doesn’t sound right…so just ask us about it!

Cellulite Smoothing

Get ready for bathing suit season, quickly! Here we need to see you to know which of our services will work best to you as presentation alone will direct us. Lipo Laser, Ultrasonic Frequency & ThermaLIFT all will work, but which combination is best for you? Only the EYES know! Call us so we can give you your best option!

Stretch-Mark Reduction

If you are embarrassed with bubbly wrinkly protrusions where elastin in the skin has given way and is not holding the skin down smooth anymore, this is your answer. I have seen the worst and made a difference! Seriously! ThermaLIFT technology rebuilds those elastin bonds and the results are long-lasting. Not just one season! Often 2-3 seasons are possible! Don’t even hesitate to book your appointment!

Time to make a difference? Don’t wait for January’s New Year’s Resolution! Start re-creating your New-You today! 519-754-8759






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