We offer a free, thirty minute consultation session for you to ask us about our services and how they may fit your wellness goals.

For those of you who would like to check out if our services would integrate into your personal health concerns, we provide a single FREE appointment.

Includes an explanation of each our services
Answers your questions about our Holistic BioEnergetic health philosophy: how it integrates into the chemical, physics, electricity and herbal streams of science
Allows you to fill out your Intake paperwork so that your first formal appointment gets right to the point of your wellness concerns
You will learn about us and how we can fit into your wellness goals.


Eastern medicine meets Western technology!

Imagine ONE potential answer to pain, infertility, pregnancy discomforts, hot flashes, digestive problems, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia…wait…you say there can’t be one solution? Then let me introduce you to a natural method that stimulates your own natural pain killers, a method the brings blood, oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue for healing purposes, a way to regulate and normalize physiological response…have you guessed it? Email me at if you got it! Let me know if you passed the ‘test’! ACUPUNCTURE! (Did you figure it out?) I’ll email you back with an A+!


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